I’m a fan of Apple but I’ll never buy an iPhone

Yeah, I really am a big fan of Apple. I own one MacBook and two iPod Touch. Okay, you might think ‘owning 3 Apple gadgets really means being a big fan?’. No, for me, being a fan (or a big fan) of a brand doesn’t mean I have to own many of its products.

But that’s not the point of what I’m going to tell you here, though. The story is that, while I’m happy with my Mac and iPods, I think I’d better not be using an iPhone. On the other hand, I’ll be using Android instead.

Please note: This is not to say that Android phones are better than iPhone. It is just some reasons why I don’t choose iPhone and why I prefer Android.

These are some reasons why I’ll never buy an iPhone, at least in a year or two from now.

Why I Won’t Buy iPhone

  1. iPhone comes with iOS, the most advanced mobile OS that lacks some major freedom.
  2. iPhone are a little bit pricey compared to what it can do.
  3. iPhone doesn’t suit my lifestyle.
  4. iOS is not open enough to do some things, like downloading files with a native browser and then access or send it in the easy way.
  5. iOS is not open enough for geeks like me to try things out like installing custom apps without a developer certificate.
  6. Newer OS upgrades slow down the device.
  7. No possibility to upgrade to a newer OS if Apple doesn’t release it.
  8. Very low customisation to the look & feel of the system.
  9. Lightning port lacks some universal compatibilities.
  10. If possible, I won’t choose phones with an integrated battery because it is impossible or hard to replace when it degrades.

Why I Choose Android

  1. Many brands to choose from. My current phone is Galaxy S4 but I’m considering either Nexus or Xiaomi for my next one.
  2. Android is an open system.
  3. My lifestyle matches what Android delivers.
  4. Many ways to customise the OS. I can tinker almost anything I want.
  5. Longer OS support. Although the manufacturer doesn’t release an official firmware, there are still plenty of aftermarket firmwares available. This makes the phone able to run new OS.
  6. Ability to install custom apps without a developer certificates makes it easy to develop apps.
  7. There are file managers that take full control of file management. I can easily move things in and out.
  8. Android phones support SD card. This is one of my main reason.
  9. Thanks to its openness, apps in Android can do more things than those in iOS. For example, Trigger can automate your phone and connected things with the help of location info, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
  10. Android phones have a UNIVERSAL Serial Bus port. Yes, so universal that it can work with many types of peripherals.

Remember, every OS has its own strong points and weak points, and has its own good and bad. Just like coins, having had two sides. Also, be sure to choose the phone that is right, suitable for you, and that will be the best smartphone.

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