A week in Kyoto and Osaka – Finding peace in Uji

This is the second blog post from my recent trip to Japan. This post explores the very peaceful town of Uji where your mind rests in composure and tranquillity to the breathtaking view, while your heart beats to the caffeine of pure matcha! 🍵

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This morning we were walking along the Kamo river to get to the Tofukuji station, which was about 2 kilometres away from our accommodation.

Everything along the way was so calm and pleasing to look at so we didn’t rush there although we were coming here for our first meal of the day.

We found this burger shop from Google Maps when we were planning this trip. It got a thousand reviews so there’s got to be something, right?

Dragon Burger → Google Maps

I can’t recall if they had pork options or not but it’s very likely they had only beef menus. I had a Dragon Burger for ¥1,100. I’m not a food blogger so I can’t describe much but the beef was juicy and I was satisfied with it overall.

Then we took a train from Tofukuji to Uji which was about 20 minutes away.

Tofukuji station

It was on a Thursday that we went to Uji. It’s a very quiet town and by quiet I really mean it. I could barely see anyone walking on the street.

After a short walk from the Uji station, I was greeted by the wide, calm Uji river with a mountainous view in the background at Ujibashi bridge. The view will really take your breath away. Photos don’t do it justice. If you had a bad day this view would brighten it.

I came to Uji for a reason: to buy matcha. I haven’t told you this but I’m so fond of matcha and I always love to try out new matcha!

Byodoin area is where a lot of matcha stores are located and this is where it gets more crowded. Tourists come here to buy tea, get some desserts and have “tea foods”. Yes, you will find matcha ramen and matcha takoyaki here.

Byodoin Omotesando → Google Maps

Walking along the street, you will find a lot of matcha stores which have stayed open for decades. This is the place to take home all sorts of tea and brewing tools.

Here are some of the notable and established tea stores.

  • Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi
  • Nakamura Tokichi
  • Ocha no Kanbayashi お茶のかんばやし

After having some desserts and stuff, walk to the other end of the street and you will find another beautiful view of the Uji river.

Crossing to the other side of the bridge, there was a tea house offering private tea ceremonies and classes.

Back to Higashiyama, we stopped by an okonomiyaki restaurant for a late night meal. We had to queue up for 40 minutes to get inside. Luckily that wait was worth it!

Hanamichi → Google Maps

We then had some night walk around Gion and went to Yasaka-jinja Shrine before calling it a day.

Here comes the end of part 2. In the next part we’ll move to the other side of Kyoto.

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